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Current events


  Disability Award this month goes to ALG Loyola for their continuous devotion and support towards individuals with disabilities.                They are an example of what hard work and an open mind can achieve, for making an accessible environment for all. 

   Superbag and INKET are helping one child at a time. Superbag has hired INKET to evaluate children with disabilities in Prishtina,       Klina and Mitrovica, for their project. Assisting the transition of children to the school environment, with "Superbags" that are filled with masks,          adaptive equipment, school supplies which are individualized for each child.

  OT day from the 25th to the 30th of October we will have a variety of events ( webinars, lectures, etc). On the 27th of October, we will create       Halloween decorations and talk about OT.

Child Development Assessment - Mitrovica
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