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INKET a professional group within Kosovo aims to give ergotherapists a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and unity of purpose.   INKET aims to unify the efforts of ergotherapists making them stronger, more visible and more credible.  INKET is a platform for developing strong, supportive, positive relationships among ergotherapists and between the profession of ergotherapy and other stakeholders such as Governments and other health care providers.    World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) and Member Associations advocate for a well-educated, competent, well-regulated ergotherapy workforce aggregated in well-led and managed groups such as INKET. This will: 

• Give visibility, credibility and attractiveness to the profession;
• Create pride of place and belonging
• Make the profession attractive to individuals

The benefits of joining a professional group are numerous. The specific benefits provided by groups may differ, but one that is generally the same across all professional groups is the ability to enhance credibility in the eyes of the consumer. Most groups provide their logo for members to use on stationery and, other media items. Due to the fact that professional groups will usually implement strict quality standards and codes of practice for membership, the recognised mark of a group may increase consumers' confidence.

Most professional groups provide various benefits for members, which may be included in the membership fee. These benefits can be numerous, and differ depending on the professional group. Some common benefits, provided by professional groups, are as follows:

  • Enhanced exposure to consumers

  • Technical advice and support

  • Access to industry schemes

  • Training courses and certification

  • Free subscriptions to association publications

  • Networking opportunities

  • Events, seminars and conferences



The Institute's objectives are to:

•promote good practice as an integral part of good care, by practice and example, teaching, writing and research, and by networking with other appropriate agencies

•encourage professional development, reflection, and training by sponsoring relevant courses and meetings, both nationally and locally

•provide support and fellowship by organizing an annual conference, promoting regional meetings, and through the Institute website

•act as a point of reference and advice for members

•provide professional advice to health care authorities, and relevant bodies and communities

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